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Showcase & Event Submissions

Moguling Summit shows and events are curated and presented by creative artists music artist's most influential brands, labels, promoters and influencers. Each year, MCSLive Moguling Summit hosts dozens of events over 2-days in numerous U.S. Cities that reflect the diversity of the entertainment community.

Moguling Summit shows continue to be one of the most influential artist discovery and promotional platforms in entertainment for actors, writers, directors, producers, tech start-ups and business.

"It's nothing but love  to the team at MCSLive Moguling Summit  for giving artists a platform to be heard, build their craft, educated and empowered to be relentless" - Mykel Coleman 

Submissions ENDS on November 1st

NOTE: This is NOT a form for artist submissions. If you are an artist that would like to perform at #MogulingSummit22, Submit Here.

What are we looking for in an event? 

  • Is there a unique concept or theme? 

  • We don't just produce shows, we're looking for cool events that feature dance, food, art, style and film.

  • Does the show represent a movement, geographic area, sound or style?

  • Are the performing Actors, Poets, Artists & DJ's talented?

  • Does the curator have experience producing shows?

  • Has everything been well thought out?

  • Does the showcase have any unusual production requirements?


The top 3 reasons shows are not accepted

There are many reasons why a showcase is not selected, but here are a few common issues.

  1. No Artists/Talent. Ideas are great, but we have to know what talent is associated with your event in order to move forward.

  2. Not enough information.  We need as much information as possible before we can move forward with a showcase.  Some applications simply do not provide enough information. If you don't have a lot of information yet, maybe hold off on the application until you do.

  3. Conflicting showcase concept already exists.  If we have already accepted, or are in talks with, a showcase with a similar concept or idea, there is a good chance we will not produce a similar showcase.

  4. Nothing special or unique.  We are looking for great ideas from around the world.  What makes your show or event stand out from the crowd?  What make it relevant this year?  Help us understand the importance.   

Showcase selections will be notified no later than November 3rd.

Moguling Summit has a strict no pay-for-play policy. We do not work with promoters that charge artists a fee to perform. 

2022 Submissions are almost full submit now

Thanks for submitting!

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