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Moguling Summit 2022 is accepting applications through the MCSLIVE platform. MCSLIVE provides a suite of tools and resources that connects promoters, venue owners and musicians with great live events and music opportunities all over the world.

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Moguling Summit 2022

Posted by:  Moguling Summit  | When: Nov. 5, 2022 | Where: Houston, TX, USA

Moguling Summit  | When: Nov. 12, 2022 | Where: Los Angeles, California, USA

Moguling Summit  | When: Nov. 19, 2022 | Where: Charlotte, NC, USA



The Moguling Summit is kicking off in 2019!  We're gearing up for a banner year and will be booking least 50 MCSLive artists to share the stage with some big names in Film, Music and Business Industry. 

All selected artists will receive a free Moguling Summit pass to attend the Summit. Each act NOT selected to perform from MCSLive will receive a discount code for $25 off select Moguling Summit passes.

The Opportunity

Moguling Summit is the preeminent empowerment, educational and relentless event in the US. We are excited to showcase 50 plus artists, business owners, entrepreneur, talented celebs from living legends to aspiring talent. Moguling Summit also provide invaluable networking learning and career development opportunities for actors, writers, directors, producers, film makers, technology, business products, services and more.

Moguling Summit plans to break some of the biggest names in acting, film, television and music industry with Touring the Country to showcase amazing talent “Much Love to the team at Moguling Summit for giving actors, writers, directors, artists, business owner and entrepreneurs a platform to be heard, build, be educated and grow their craft!” - Mykel “Moguling Summit is definitely going to be one of the absolute best summits for rising  talent in film, tv, theatre and music. Their business structure and artist-first approach is priceless.” 

The Band

Open to:

  • Open to all genres of the Arts, Acting, Writing, Directing, Producing, Music, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Opera, Blues, Hip Hop, Dancing, Comedy, Poetry

  • US and International acts welcome


The Summit 

Additional Compensation Details:

  • All selected acts receive a summit pass for each member of the group

  • Artists may sell their merchandise and keep 100% of the revenue

  • Each act that is NOT selected to perform from MCSLive will receive a discount code for more than $25 off Executive, Summit pass.



  • Compensation Amount: Up to $100.00

  • Percentage of Merchandise Sales: 100%



Apply by Oct 18, 2022

Max Application Fee: $50.00

This opportunity requires an entry fee to apply.

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