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Want to perform at The Moguling Summit?

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When to Submit?

Free until May 17th

April 18th - September 2 = $50

September 3 - October 26 = $100

About MCS Music

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What is Our Selection Process?

We pick our favorite artists and then the actors, music, fans and talent community select the artists they want to see live. We started this moguling fan-challenge to highlight more artists and engage the acting, poetry, singing and talent community. This creates more artist discovery and involve fans in the programming process. The artists win and the fans win.  

How does it work?  We select 10 stand out artists each week, starting in June. We highlight the artists and promote an online voting platform that puts the final decision in the hands of the fans and talent community. The 3 artists with the most votes each week win an opportunity to perform at the Moguling Summit. Over 12 weeks more than 48 artists are selected through this process. 

In addition, our programming committee hand selects between 12 and 48 artists that are not selected for the weekly fan challenge.

What do we Look & Listen for?

Our goal is to find the most talented artists that will gain the most from performing and attending the Moguling Summit.  

We ask ourselves, is this artist prepared to take their career to the next level?  And here are some of the tools we use to determine that:


Is talent well prepared?  The talent needs to know their craft and be taking training and take directions quickly.  This is too often overlooked, but very important.

Is your talent unique?  We listen and see A LOT of talented actors.  Your craft must be good, and we may like you, but  but if it isn't training then, it is difficult to pick you from a crowd.  We audition and see a lot of actors that act like the current "actors" talent on the television or streaming, and while we may like the talent, what makes you unique?  We are looking for actors, poets, comedians that stand out in a crowd of 2,000.


Does your music sound good?  Your songs need to be well recorded and engineered.  This is too often overlooked, but very important.

Is your music unique?  We listen to A LOT of music.  Your music might sound good, and we may like it, but  but if it sounds like a lot of other music we listen to, it is difficult to pick you from a crowd.  We hear a lot of music that sounds like the current "hip-pop-rap" music on the radio, and while we may like the music, what makes you unique?  We are looking for artists that stand out in a crowd of 2,000.


Do you have a consistent look/feel? You are a brand!  If we see that you've put in the time, energy and resources necessary to develop a dope brand, it means you're taking your career seriously.  

Do you have professional photos? This might seem minor, but it's a big deal. Film and Music is about making connections. Fans aren't gonna connect with you, follow you, share your music, buy your merchandise if they don't connect with your overall vibe.  That can start with great photos, with a style that is right for you.

Do you have dope videos? This is one of the most important tools artists have to reach people and build a fanbase.  If you don't have any videos (or your videos are poor quality) it shows that you haven't taken the proper steps to develop yourself.  You need to have solid video content that make it easy for fans to like and share.  A creative (and unique) video can help break an artist. 


Do you have a fan base?  Yes, we look to see if you have fans. If you haven't been able to generate any fans in your local market, that's a red flag. If your friends, family and neighborhood don't support you, then you haven't done step 1 and probably aren't ready for a national stage.

How do we tell if you have fans?  We look through your social media, YouTube and released music (ex. Soundcloud) to see if you have built any traction. We aren't looking for crazy numbers, but would like to see some initial engagement.

Do you engage with your fans? We look to see if you active on social media, and how much fan interaction you have.  If an artist has a large social following, but isn't actively communicating with fans, that's a red flag.  It shows that you aren't doing the little things.  It's like having a 5 Star rating on Yelp, but never being open for business.  A community needs to be nurtured, or it will die.


You have a good chance of being selected if your music is good, your talent delivery is confident, unique and professionally mixed.  If you have creative visuals, and an actively engaged fan base.

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