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Moguling Summit 2 - MCSLIVE Ticket  752


Thank you for your interest in attending Moguling Summit as a member of the media.  

Moguling Summit is a media-friendly event. There aren't many velvet ropes, in hopes of creating as many connections as possible. You do not need a media pass to gain access to thousands of artists, producers, influencers and icons.  


Applications END on November 1, 2022

If you are a photographer, videographer, writer or blogger and would like to cover and/or create content at the 2019 Moguling Summit we recommend buying a Moguling Summit pass, or submit here to cover the event for Moguling Summit HERE.

There are no backstage passes or unlimited access provided to media.  

There is no media list for specific events, nor are performers or speakers provided with media passes. 

We have an open camera policy, but no detachable lenses, tripods or other commercial equipment is allowed without express written consent

We only provide complimentary Moguling Summit passes to a handful of media outlets. 

We receive thousands of media requests each year, and because of the high demand - and limited supply - a majority of media requests will not be fulfilled. Media credentials are issued only to accredited media members covering the festival and/or conference for legitimate publications, internet sites, cable networks and radio/television stations.  

To be considered, a media outlet must have 1M combined reach (Print/Social/Digital).

Apply Here

Thanks for submitting!

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